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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stinky Kid Math - TOS Review

This year on the crew we have been blessed with a few Math curriculum for review, and as I mentioned before on this blog, I love trying out math curriculum. So, it came to no surprise that I gave the newest one offered a try. This new Math program comes from Stinky Kid Math, and the name of the product is Stinky Kid Math.

Yes, I know the name of this Math program is very catching and attention grabbing!

What is Stinky Kid Math? It is an online Math help program. The company specifically does not consider its program as a full Math curriculum but can certainly be used as one.

The goal of Stinky Kid Math is to help student master the concepts of Algebra and Geometry. The way they seek to do that is by teaching kids the why and how of Math, so that it can better stick in the mind of the students. They really try to make Math concepts clearer and accessible. As such, it is a perfect add on to any Math curriculum. This is like having a tutor at home.

Stinky Kid Math is made up of over 350 online videos featuring a live teacher with a blackboard. These videos are meant to be streamed, so an internet connection is needed to use the program.

The lessons are divided into three major sections:
Foundational Algebra
Complex Algebra

Each of these sections are in turn divided into sub-topics.

Each sub-topic is made up of  video lessons varying in number, a worksheet and a printable of what as covered in the lesson.

The teacher in the lessons is very personable. The lessons are shorts and to the point.

Two more add-ons that make this program pretty cool are:

  • A game section which contains a few games on some specific topics such as geometry, integers and graphing.
  • A colourful printable section of what is covered in the lessons all gather in a book.

I had my 5th grader give this curriculum a try as I wanted to know if he was ready for algebra. He worked on it everyday. We started from the beginning, since he had never done algebra before. He was able to do the beginning topics without any issues. He was able to review h basics of arithmetic and get his feet into pre-algebra (some concepts of which he did not know as yet). But because most of it as getting too new for him it got more and more difficult. This is why this program is best as a tutor, or reinforcement of concepts already covered somewhere else. That said, I think the way and pace at which the topics are presented, it is absolutely doable and manageable for any 6th grader and up.

What I love about the program:
  • It covers the topics systematically.
  • You can also jump around the topics as needed
  • The videos are not long, giving you time to process
  • The fact that they add practice worksheets
  • The site is easy to navigate and you can access the videos by them or individually through the bank of videos  all gathered on one page.

Stinky Kid math is a perfect Math tutor for strengthening your child's understanding of Algebra and Geometry concepts, such as graphing, exponents, roots, solving for x etc...

Do not forget to check out their extensive sample videos to get a feel of the program.

Stinky Kid Math Review

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