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Friday, October 9, 2015

Random 5 on Friday

We are in October, the leaves have changed colors and have started to fall. School, well that is another story. Here are my random five covering the last few weeks.

1. We just came back from a 10 days vacation in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. It was lovely to see the array of colors on the trees down there as we were driving.

2. During our vacation we visited Gettysburg and Hershey Chocolate World.

3. These two curriculum were waiting for me as we came back: Well-Ordered Language from Classical Academic Press  (WOL secret review to be released next spring - secret review), and Eat Your Science Homework from McCallum Books (Crew review).

4. Before we went on vacation I had started a new schedule with Zach that falls into the block scheduling category. It involves focussing on different subjects each day. So, for example History on Monday, Language Arts and electives on Tuesday,  only dailies on Wednesday because he has TOG Co-op and violin lessons that day, and Poetry on Friday because he has Violin ensemble practice in the morning.

5. Talking about online co-op, we started that in September and Zach has been enjoying it. It is challenging for him because it causes him to stay on task with his assignments, so slacking is not allowed otherwise you are not prepared!

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