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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Hymn - O Lord My God

Recently, while on vacation we visited a church where my husband did an internship about 12 years ago. While attending Sunday Worship they sang this beautiful hymn, 'How Great Thou Art' but to lyrics that I had never heard before. I thought they were really rich, and brought them back home here to have them sung at our church. Today I am sharing it with you in case you have never heard them either.

O Lord my God, I stand and gaze in wonder
on the vast heavens Thy wisdom hath ordained;
sun, moon and stars continue at Thy pleasure,
from nothing called and by Thy power sustained.

O mighty God, my heart cries out to Thee:
How great Thou art! how great Thou art!
Thy praise shall sound throughout eternity:
How great Thou art! how great Thou art!

Sometimes I hear the heavens rent by thunder,
or see dread lightning leap across the sky,
then in the cloud I see the promised rainbow
stilling my fears with mercy from on high.

This heart once heard the voice of angels singing - 
this earth that wept the day that Adam fell - 
for Jesus came from purest heights of glory,
an infant weak, to break the powers of hell.

Nailed to a tree, the great creator suffered
when that dread weight of foulest sin He bear.
Lo! Satan flees! the Lord of glory triumphs!
Nothing can with this mighty love compare.

Eluned Harrison, b. 1934 based on Carl Gustaf Boberg 1856 - 1940)

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