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Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - TOS Review

Here we are, first review of the year. I am really happy to share this great product with you, as a first for this year: is a website that offers you an array of printable and online activities that you can use in your homeschool or even as after-school activities. We received the Pro Plan which gave us access to everything on the website.

What do you get with
  • Online lessons
  • Online games
  • Printable and online tests and worksheets
The site contains material for kindergarten to grade 12 students. Most of the material though is for Middle and High school students.

Let me walk you through each components.

The lessons

The site offers you a large selections of videos and written lessons in Science, Math and Language Arts. The videos are either straight from itself, or from an outside website such as Khan Academy or others.

The games

On, you can also print lots of different Bingo cards and word searches. You even have the option of creating your own.

The tests and worksheets

This is in my opinion the best part of the site. You have access to hundreds of tests in every possible school subjects you may need. On top of the variety available, you are also given so may options on how to use that aspect of the site:
  • You can use the ones already available on the site or create your own. 
  • You can print those tests and worksheets
  • You can take them online 
  • You also have the option of assigning these tests and sending e-mail notifications to your registered students.
Most of the tests are meant to gauge your child's knowledge on a particular topic, but I found some of them hard to use because of my kids' knowledge being all over the place. The content tends to follow Common Core and are grade specific.
I attempted to create a few tests. You have the option of using questions already existing in the system or making your own. Your options for making your own are multiple choice, fill-in the blank or open -ended questions. It is a bit time consuming, but pretty easy to use, plus it allows you to really tailor it to what you know your child has learned.

I used this site to administer a few tests to the boys in Language Arts.  I do not usually test the boys so I was happy to have a chance to check on their knowledge on a few topics. The tests are not very long and cover a good basic knowledge base.  I have a few others in queue for them to take. I had the boys do tests on literature terms and books they have read. I am hoping to get through the music ones as well, once I teach them theory.

When the student takes the test online, he only gets his results at the end of the test and has no details on which ones he got wrong. All this information is well detailed in the parents' log in on the site though. Students are unfortunately allowed to skip questions, which I wish was not an option.

One thing I found missing was a good search function. The browsing function was not always accurate, and to find what you are looking for you end up scrolling through a lot of material before finding what you want, if you do find what you want.

I love this site. I love that it is full of options and covers such a wide variety of subjects and things to do. You do need to plan to be able to incorporate its use in your homeschool. This site would be great for parents who:

  • want to check on their children's overall grasp of some topics
  • want to add some extra teaching on tome topics
It's all there for you in one place!

A lot of the material on the site is free so you can check it out first before deciding to spurge for the full website content.

You can check them out on their social media:




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