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Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents - Budget Tips

As we continue to explore tips for homeschool parents, today I would like to share my budget tips.

Homeschooling is not always a cheap option. Some can spend litlte on homeschooling, some can spend an extravagant amount of money. Most do live on a single, and at that very basic, income. I am one of those parents, so I try to save everywhere I can.

Here are my best budgeting tips to help save on homeschooling.

Have a household budget - This is essential so that you don't overspend. Know how much you have and how much you spend on your household expenses, that way you know how much you have available for school stuff. Talk it over with your spouse and plan for these expenses if you can.

Prioritize - You cannot buy everything you think you need, or want. At least I know I can't, and even if I could, it probably would not be good stewardship. You need to prioritize what is really important and what is really needed. That is why researching your curriculum becomes really necessary and useful.

Use your library - This has been a life saver for our family. If I can find it at the libray, I do not buy, unless I know we will re-read it several times. That has limited our home library, but have saved us a lot of money that has been used on other educational material.

Avoid impulse buying - I do not buy impulsively. When I come across something I think I might need, or that I like, I refrain myself from buying, unless I know I will DEFINITELY be using it, or unless it is something I have been wanting for a while and came across a great sale for it. Planning your year, even your course of study out is also a big help in avoiding impulsive buying.

Discuss your expenses with your spouse before plunging - this is also something that allows you to avoid impulse buying. Plus, having another person's opinion brings in perspective, which we sometime (ok often) need when it comes to buying for our homeschool. Anyone reading this, suffering from a curriculum addiction?

Seek to save everywhere you can -  one way is the use of the library, but there are other ways out there:
  • Some try to use as many free curriculum as they can. The internet is a great resource for that. The following are all free: Easy Peasy HomeschoolAmbleside OnlineKhan AcademyCK-12
  • Use curriculum that span several grades, 
  • Teach your kids together using one curriculum, 
  • Use non-consumable workbooks
  • Buy use whenever you can, Facebook groups and yahoo groups are your friends for these.
  • Create your own wherever you can. Make your own printable, or hands-on stuff. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration and ideas.
  • Sign up for freebie sites such as:,, Homeschool Freebie of the Day
  • Buy your supplies when they are on sale and stock up just enough. Buying in bulk sometimes is better. 
Sell what you are not using - This is another one of my big saver. I do not hold on to my used curriculum, especially the textbooks, or books that we have outgrown. As soon as I am done with something I sell it, that way I sort of recycle the money to buy the next book. If a curriculum does not work out I do not hold on to it, I sell it as well, so that I can invest in something else without having to plunge into our household budget.

Do you have other budge tips that have helped you save money on homeschooling? Please with us!

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool ParentsThis is going to be my last post in this series. Don't forget to check the other blogs participating. There are lots of really cool topics being discussed.

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Annette Vellenga said...

That was one of the hardest things for me to learn.. don't buy it unless you are SURE you need it.

At Home where life happens said...

Great recognition of the stress a household budget can be under when homeschooling. I love conventions and sales but they are definitely designed to create an impulse buy. Stay the course and wait until it is needed. I am so thankful for the Review Crew in this regard. We have been blessed extensively through The Old Schoolhouse. - Lori

Kym Thorpe said...

Sadly, I've wasted some money on what I thought was cool curriculum that we would love because I didn't stop and think about it long enough. It was cool enough - we just didn't use it. I started talking to my husband about all the things I was thinking we might need each year for the homeschool, and he would only listen with half an ear and then say "I don't know what you need. You do, so just get what you need. Why are you telling me?" Because saying it out loud to someone helps me to really grasp how much money I'm talking about compared to how much I really "needed" whatever-it-was. LOL

Emilee Roberts said...

These are great tips! I've definitely made a few mistakes when it comes to the homeschool budget. I also started using the library regularly and have been surprised by all the resources available there!

Michele said...

These are good tips! Guess I need to work of that impulse buying problem of mine! ;)

Joelle A. said...

Annette, that one was the one I learned first, because I had no money haha!

Joelle A. said...

Oh yes, Lori, same here. I have been blessed through the crew. This is perfect for curriculum junkies!

Joelle A. said...

Michelle, yeah I know, us homeschool curriculum junkies, that can be a really problem!

Joelle A. said...

Emilee, our library has been such a money saver for us (even with all the fines I often pay!). I am also blessed I am able to pull from two different library system, as we live in one city and my hubby works in another.

Joelle A. said...

Oh yes Kim, I know the feeling. These homeschoolers who love talking aloud ha!

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