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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A+ Interactive Math Mini-Courses - TOS Review

Today I have a Math curriculum review for you. By now, you know that on the crew we get to review quite a few Math products, and some we even get to review several times. They are that good!

This time around we are talking about A+ Interactive Math. They have a new product out, and we got to try it: Math Mini-Courses

A+ Interactive Math is an online Math Curriculum that offers you a variety of Math Curriculum for homeschool math needs for grades 1 to 12. They also offer products such as the Adaptive Placement Test with its own Math associated program, and their new Math Mini-Courses.

A + Interactive is an online  Math program, so you will need a computer with internet access and log- ins for each students. Setting up was easy since we already had an account with them. When using this curriculum you have to remember to always have your kids sign into their own account to do their Math work otherwise you won't get a report. The full program is also accessible on the teacher's account.

So what are the mini-courses?

The mini-courses are what the name says they are: mini-courses. They are courses that focuses on specific math topics for a short series of lessons, varying according to the topic (the two that we used had 12 and 14 lessons respectively). The topics covered through the mini-courses are as follow:
  • Counting and Identifying Numbers
  • Place Value and Number Combinations
  • Naming, Comparing and Arranging Numbers
  • Early Elementary Fractions
  • Early Elementary Addition
  • Early Elementary Substraction
  • Elementary and Middle School Multiplication
  • Elementary and Middle School Division
  • Tables, Charts and Graphs
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Elementary Algebra
  • Advanced Algebra
  • Advanced Fraction
  • Percentages
  • Time
  • Money
  • Number types and Coversions
  • Ratio, Proportions, Probability & Statictics
  • Measurements and Conversions
These topics are not by grade levels. They cover a range of grades (1st-3rd, 2nd-6th, 4th-8th, 5th-8th, 1st-5th) depending on the topic, which allows them to be more comprehensive is nature.

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}   

I chose to have the boys work on the Percentage and the Ratio, Proportion, Statistics and probabilities ones. For one of the boys, he worked on it daily, for the other boy he did the mini-course as a supplement.

The Mini Courses work just like the regular Math program from A+ Interactive. The lessons consist of multimedia lessons followed by a Q&A type quiz. If you want the child to have more practice you can also have him do extra questions or the extra worksheets provided.

This is what the student dashboard looks like:

The concept of focusing on a specific topic for a while is a great addition to the line up from A+Interactive. From reviewing this program before, that was one of the thing I thought was needed: more in depth learning of some of the topics.

Both the boys did not mind working on the Mini-Courses, but they were not extra thrilled about it. It is very straight forward as an interactive Math program. As older kids (10 and 12) they both thought the voice was too robotic. For younger kids that could be a plus, but my boys did not care for it much. They wish you could have the option to mute it since the question is on the screen.  The beginning lessons were quite easy for them, but I am hoping that as they dig deeper, it will get more challenging (there were already hits of it). For my oldest, the benefit of this program is more guided practice on the topic of percentage with which he struggles a bit. They liked how right after you got answer wrong they explained to you what you did wrong, but did not like how they would ask you the same question again, since basically you just got the right answer from them

Otherwise the way the lessons run is the same as their other programs. It contains the same great features:
  • It is interactive though videos.
  • You get feedback right away.
  • It is a rather independent program. No parent involvement needed and you can check their progress on the parent portal page (parent log-in or student log-in accounts)
  • It is pretty comprehensive in nature.
  • You can retake the lessons and go through the Q&A again.
  • There are printable AND online worksheets available for extra practice.
  • The answers are well detailed.
I love that you can download a printable copy of the lessons to keep as a reference, or go over with your child if you want or need to.

As a whole I would recommend this program if your child lacks in any of the topics I mentioned earlier. These allow for your child to review and cement topics that he might be weak on and practice these with more depth and intensity. As such they are perfect for closing learning gaps or even as review if you feel they need it. On top of that they are actually quite reasonably prices ($9.99 - $19.99, depending on the topic considered).

You can check A+ Interactive on their social media:

Twitter @aplustutorsoft

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

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Cassandra Holdeman said...

My son is older too and thought the same about the robotic voice for the fraction program he did. Overall they are good programs though.

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