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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Progeny Press - TOS Review

I am always excited about receiving Language Arts curriculum. One of our latest product for review came from Progeny Press. I got a chance to try out  one of their Middle School Study Guide: Give Me Liberty E-Guide.


Progeny Press offers a great way for kids from Elementary to High School to study literature and work on literary analysis. I used this with my 5th Grader, just entering Middle School. I choose to use the novel Give Me Liberty (gueared towards grade 6-8), because we were just finishing our study of the Revolutionary War in our History. The story is about a slave boy who was taken away from his family and how he had to learn to cope with his new surroundings.

These guides require you to obtain the book and then use the guide, either as a download or on CD.

My son enjoyed reading the book but thought that, after chapter 12, there was too much History, at least to his liking, after chapter 12. He was quite fine with most of the exercises, though Some of it was a bit difficult for him. That said  I think it is because he is a young Middle Schooler, so some of the vocabulary and thinking questions were a by if a stretch for him. I personally like the fact that you can write the answers right on the computer, but he prefers to work out of a workbook.

The table of content of the book is as follow:
Notes on theAuthor of the study guide
Synopsis of the book
Note to the instructor
About the Novel author
Background information
Ideas for pre-reading activities
Workbook pages.
Writing and after-reading activities
Additional resources.

The workbook pages are devided in parts which span a few chapters at a time, about 3-6 chapters. The author suggests that you read the whole book before you start, but we did not do that because he is a slow reader. 

These guides cover a lot of literary concepts and teach the kids to think through what they are reading, trying to help them enter into the story and think about the themes. There is a good variety in the type of exercises they are given:
  • Fill in the blank
  • Matching
  • Thinking questions
The different parts of the study cover a wide variety of literary subjects such as:
  • Vocabulary
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Allusion
  • Figure of speech
  • Characterization
Another great elements of these guides is how they seek to bring Scripture to bear on the story, helping to show the kids how a Christian worldview affects the way we view a lot of things.

The guide also comes with an answer file for download, so you do not have to figure out how to check the work.

All in all these are really great study guide. The added Christian perspective a wonderful bonus as well. 

Check them out on their social media:

Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press  Review}

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