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Curriculum Plans for the 2016/2017 Year - Grade 6 and 8

Middle School is in full swing here at our house. My oldest is in fact getting prepared to start High School next year (2017). I can't believe it! This summer, my heart was somewhat heavy realizing that this year was his last VBS as a participant. Sigh....

My youngest will be starting grade 6.

So what are our choices for the upcoming year?

Both boys

Tapestry of Grace Year 3  - The Nineteenth Century : History, Geography, Literature, Worldview.
They will both be doing dialectic level.

Classic Science: Advanced Chemistry

Writing & Rhetoric - Book 5: Refutation and Confirmation: Writing

CTC Math - Math

Kumon Books - Pre-Algebra book 2 and Algebra book 1

Phonetic Zoo (Finish) : Spelling

Max Scholar: Spelling and vocabulary

Bible Road Trip: Bible

FrenchSmart - Grade 5: French

The History of Western Music and Great Artists Fine Art Pages: Music & Art

Grade 8:

The Art of Argument (finish) and The Discovery of Deduction: Logic

The Magic Lens - finish book I and start book II: Grammar

The Art of Poetry: Poetry

Grade 6:

Analytical Grammar: Grammar

Fallacy Detective: Logic

There you have it. We just started school back this week (2 days a week) after a 7-week break. I am trying to finish up our Writing & Rhetoric book 4 and Science 4 kids biology textbook. They are also working on Life of Fred, Pre-Algebra with Physics. We will debut our full swing schedule in September, though we will start our History in August.


Unknown said…
We're doing Tapestry of Grace Year 3 as well, although I only have my 8th grader in dialectic. :-)

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