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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

MyFreezEasy - TOS Review

Today I have a very interesting and practical review for you. It is food related. How about that?

The crew got to review MyFreezEasy, a site where you can learn how to make meals that you can freeze to just take out at a later time, and enjoy with minimum effort. We were offered the premium annual membership to Freezer Meal Plan Membership.

This site is packed-full with tips, and goody meals for your family to enjoy. The idea is to provide you with meals that you can save up in your freezer for those days when you have no time to prepare a meal in your kitchen - you know those days when you are out all day and forgot to stick something in the crockpot.

The great thing about My FreezEasy is that it does not assume you are a pro at this freezer cooking thing. It has lots of videos to teach you the benefits and the how to of the whole process. I needed that because, as much as I have always been intrigued by it, I never looked at it very closely.

My FreezEasy, on top of guiding you through the process of freezer cooking, offer plans that are very detailed. Each recipes have what you need to do in details, from the recipe to the grocery list needed, to the actual steps of the freezer bag preparation. It even has videos for you to see how it is done, if you are more of a visual person.

The idea of MyFreezEasy is for you to prepare 10 meals in an hour and have those set aside in your freezer. It is really 5 recipes doubled up into 10 separate meals.

Now for the recipes themselves, well, if you are like me and like variety, you won't be disappointed. My favorite thing about MyFreezEasy, beside the very detailed step by step guidance, is the selection of recipes. You are given choices and I love that! Every month you are given a choice of 8 sets:
The 20: 20 meals instead of 10
Gluten Free
All Pork Chops
All ground Beef
All Chicken
Slow Cooker
Clean Eats

Each set of meals come as a downloadable PDF which contains all the instructions you need.

The recipes are actually quite easy an use simple ingredients. Nothing really fancy, but tasty.

With the premium membership you also have access to the MyFreeEasy database and can make up your own plan if you wish, with the dishes that you want to include in it that fit your liking.

Each set of meals also come with a downloadable sheet with all the labels for your freezer bags or containers.

When I first got my log-in, I went for the all chicken, all pork chops and slow cooker sets, and downloaded these meal plans, as I tend to buy pork chops and chicken in bulk, and love my slow-cooker.

My only complaint is that since you are making so many meals, you really need a lot of meat, which is more than I normally buy, so I found it hard to complete the meal set. That said, you can make less than the 10 meals suggested, that is make 1 of each instead of 2. My FreezEasy is very adaptable and easy to use. I give it a two thumbs up for practicality and usefulness. Check it out and visit their social media as well:
Pinterest: Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

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