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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A+ Interactive Math - TOS Review

Math curriculum abound, yet it can be quite difficult for parents to find just the right Math curriculum that works for their child(ren). Well, today I have a Math curriculum to share with you that might just be what you are looking for.

A + Interactive Math (by A+TutorSoft Inc) is an online Math Curriculum that offers you a full Math Curriculum for grade 1 to Algebra 1. It offers an array of  Math instruction packages, two of the main ones being their Family Math Package, which gives you access to all levels, and their Adaptive Math Curriculum Online, which comprises a Placement Test followed by individualized Lessons Plans based on the test. These were the two that the crew members got to review. Since we had reviewed the adaptive Math Curriculum in the past, I opted for the Family Math Package this time around. The The Family Math Package gives you access to the program for a full year for up to 10 students.

A + Interactive is online, so you will need a computer with internet access and log ins for each students as well as for the parent. It does work on both Mac and Microsoft, but not on mobile. We had used this program before, so we already had log-ins, I just needed to enroll the boys in the Family Math Package program, and we were ready to go.

Though I enrolled both boys, I had my 7th grader gives this a try first. He is doing pre-algebra at the moment and was struggling with graphs , so I decided to have him start the program at the coordinate planes section and move on from there. It was not easy to skip the first few chapters, but eventually got there. I suppose the program is meant to be used from start to finish, but there is a manual and somewhat tedious way to move ahead. That is one aspect of the program that I have to warn against, some of the functionalities are not intuitive at all. You have to dig around to figure out where things are and how the functions work. I wish they had tutorial videos.

The things that I like about  A+Interactive before are still the same though|:
  • It is interactive. They complete the lesson, which is narrated to them and very visual. Then they complete interactive questions with instant feedback.
  • It is a full, complete Math program. 
  • It is very independent. It teaches, corrects, grades and explains what is done wrong one question at a time. No parent involvement needed.
  • I love the variety of ways you can practice and test the students, through the printable or online worksheets and exams.
  • I love that it has the whole text of the curriculum available to view or/and print
  • I love the printable reference chart

In the parent account, you can check the student progress and score.

The program also allows the parent to set up some features for the student account as seen below:

My son did a couple of chapters independently and enjoyed it. He found it easy to follow and understand. He thought that the teaching was pretty clear. He did not like the fact that once you are done a section you have to update your status yourself otherwise it will not let you move on.

Overall, I think this is a great program which could potentially be appealing to a wide variety of learners.

Family & Adaptive Math Online {A+ Interactive Math Reviews}

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