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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bible Study Guide for All Ages - TOS Review

As a christian family, knowing our Bible is of primary importance.So I am often happy to try new curriculum that help accomplish that purpose. One of the most recent items we got to review on the crew is a Bible study curriculum called Bible Study Guide for All Ages. It comes in four different levels, and I requested the Advanced level (5th and 6th grade) o try out with my 7th grader.

What is Bible Study for All Ages? It is a bible curriculum that takes through the whole Bible in three years, teaching kinds about the whole picture of the Bible. Everyone in the family, or in your church can be studying the same Bible story at the same same but at different levels. All the levels come with a teacher's key and students pages. Optionally you can purchased Bible book summary cards as well as a timeline and song CD.

Each child needs to have his copy of the students'pages. I had my 7th grader go through this program. At the advanced level, it is very independent. Everything is there for the child. Each lesson, can take 1-3 day to complete, depending on the child. They each contain:
  • A remember it section: where a important facts from previous lessons are being reviewed.
  • A memory workout: where the kids are encourage to put certain facts to memory. This is where the song CD can come handy.
  • A Guess What section:  the kids are encourage and led to understand better certain facts about the lesson
  • A Time Line: where the kids are led to see where the characters from the story fit in the time line of History
  • An apply It section: where the kids are brought to think deeper, through a set of questions, on the implication and application to their own life of an aspect of what they just learned about.
  • A Discover the Bible section: where the kids dig deeper on the actual facts and events in the Bible Story. It serves as a sort of review.
  • An optional Get Active section: where kids get to be creative, commit to take further  action, work as a group.

What I love about this curriculum is that it goes through the whole Bible. It does study the text and helps the kids go to the Bible itself and reflect upon what they are reading. It is engaging, in that it has lots of activities to do, all relating to the story. It is pretty straight forward. I was not too keen on the physical format of the book itself, as the pages easily detach with use. That said this is a very good option if you are looking for a curriculum that will allow kids to explore the whole Bible and the full story line.

Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}

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