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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Work for me Wednesday

The theme today at We are that Family is organization tips. This is still an area I am working on, but with all the reading and research I have been doing I have accumulated a few tips and I'll share a few that i actually use in my home

  • After reading a lot about the benefit and use of a Household binder, I have finally made up one. There is plenty still to do on it, but I have been using it with success for filing lots of my homeschool stuff. You can read about it here.

  • I have been making use of a Junk box and I say box, not drawer. Preferably a small one so as not to fill it up. I try to restrict this box to rubber bands, odd and ends that are difficult to find a spot for, without losing it in the pile. i have one in one of my kitchen drawer, my desk drawer and on one of my entrance book shelf.

  • A few years ago I read about this great idea of making a list of jobs that can be done in 5-10 min, and then make a point everyday, or even several times a day to accomplish 1 or 2 of them. That has really helped keeping the house in order and seemingly clean (especially if you do not clean often like me).

  • Repurposed containers are great storage places. Be creative!

  • I have read recently about a great way of manning the Lego monster. Put all the Lego pieces on a blanket or sheet. When it is Lego time, pull out that sheet. let them play. When Lego time is over, fold the sheet over and place it in a contained et voila. You could keep them in containers as well still inside the sheet. the goal is if for them to have a contained area where the Legos would be, namely that particular blanket or sheet.

Here are two websites I have found useful for organization:

Cozi which is a site with lots of organizing lists, schedules, calendars and the likes.

Organized Home is a great site with printables as well and articles on everything organizing.

I Need More Time is another nice sites with lots of organizing tips and ideas.

Hope these help.

Have a great day,

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