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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Human body project and resources

In the course of my teaching about the human body at our electives, I came across a few great educational sites, on top of the ones I had already shared here.

I also managed to put together 2 model arms. I am actually proud of myself because I am really not the kind of person to do these kind of things. Oh the things you end up doing as a homeschool mom! (I actually love it).

I found the instructions for this first model arm here.

And for the finished product:

This other model arm came from The Muscular System (Our Body - Macmillan Library)

What you need:
2 rubber bands, cut in 2  (muscles)
2 pieces of string, half the length of the rubber band (tendons)
2 pieces of cardboard, three times longer than the rubber (bones)
1 large split pin
tape, scissors and a hole punch

What to do:
Overlap the two bones (about 1/4 of the length down) and join in the middle with the split pin.
Punch hole in both bones about halfway down on both sides.
Tie the pieces of string to one end of both rubber bands.
Tie the other end of the string to the hole in one bone. And tie the other end of the rubber band to the hole in the other bone. make sure the rubber bands are tight, but not over-stretched when the "arm" is straight.
Put sticky tape over the holes, to hold the string and the rubber firm.
Move the bones like an arm bending at the elbow to see how antagonist muscles work. One band will stretch as the other one loosens.

Have a great day,

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I'd love to feature you and your arm post on my blog. Love it! Let me know we are doing our body unit in two weeks.


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