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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our science center trip

This is our 2 break week since we started school in August. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks already since we came back from our vacation to VA. And it is time for a break, especially for mom.

We decided to take the time and =go to the Ontario Science Center, of which we are members (the best thing ever).

Yesterday we went to see  the famous Body World Exhibit that they are hosting at the present. We were not allowed to take pictures, so I do not have any pictures to show you but, we all enjoyed the tour. Even the boys liked it, and I am sure learned a lot. It was actually pretty timely too, since I am teaching about the human body in our elective classes (Zach happens to be in my class).

It was truly amazing to see how intricate the body is and all the stuff that is inside us and of which we have no idea. As for it being gross, (a friend of mine thought it would have been gross, because they use real human body parts), it is not at all. They plastinate the parts so that they look like models. Which, I would say is the only unfortunate thing about it. Life and reality is somewhat lost in the process.  But I suppose we can't have everything.

We also had to spend sometimes in the kids' section. And they even got to see a snake and some turtles, as they happen to have a Meet the Animal program on that day.

Then, today we went back for a nature walk which they were hosting. We were the only ones who showed up that was cool. We had the guide for ourselves. It was quite chilly! the boys had fun.

Here are some pics

Have a great day,

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prayingmother said...

That's very neat. I would love to see the Human Body exhibit. Unfortunately, when it was in our city I didn't hear about it until the last week and I couldn't make it that week.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course, you're welcome to "steal" my ideas. Ideas are no fun if you don't share them!


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