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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

 I mentioned before I had been wanting to spice up our Math. Our switch to Singapore from Horizon has been very good so far. Zach loves math now and is doing quite well. We still need to work on the Math facts but his understanding of concepts is right on track and in fact very good.

To help with the retention of the Math facts I decided to introduce some games. Zach in general is not a game person, but I have been able to find some that he actually enjoys playing. One of them is from Sparklebox and the other one from abcteach, both sites I have mentioned  before. I will still be looking for more games and as I find them I will definitely share them.

Games are definitely a great way to spice up your homeschool. They bring diversity, fresh and different look on things, break the monotony of things, and allows for lots of interaction. Even Joho has been doing some too, but he has always loved games. I just added another Math one to the ones he liked to play already.

This is a matching game (number to addition sentence)


This is a dice game, he gets to count the dots and move.


This is a bingo game with number and addition sentences

I also like to use on hand manipulatives, instead of buying. To say, I use sets of pens, pencils, some people have used straws. Sometimes, when we talk of 10s, I am a ten.

I think being creative and spontaneous in our homeschool is very useful and pertinent asset.

Wish you all the best in trying to be creative in your homeschool.

Have a great day,


Joy @ Five J's said...

My youngest used Singapore Math as well, and we used Horizons and Singapore in conjunction with each other. She started in level one of Singapore, and I just had her do one page in the Horizons workbook each day along with the work in Singapore. The Horizons provided a lot of the facts review that Singapore doesn't include. We plan to continue this matchup through grade 2 of Horizons. Right now she's doing 2A along with book 1 of Horizons 2 and it's working great! said...

Lots of fun math games!!

We've enjoyed Singapore in the past. It's a great program. For a while we did it along with Math-U-See because I was concerned about the required testing around here and MUS' vastly different scope and sequence. It's turns out it wasn't necessary though, MUS was more then enough. Good thing because my toddler's so fiesty that I'd never have time for 2 math programs these days. LOL

Julie said...

I love the way you incorporate fun alternatives that still teach!! Thanks for sharing your resources

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