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Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up


It's time for a wekly wrap-up. This week was a bit of a lazy week as it seems to have been the case for the past month. We did, however accomplish some things.

School wise we did our Math review  and decided to leave it at that for the remainder of this year. We will takle the next concept, multiplication, in the new year. Same story with Science, I realized there is no point to starting a new unit now, so we will leave it for the coming year as well. History had been on a hold for a few week so we will resume that in January as well. So you will ask what is left., well... FLL. We did do that this week, and violin of course.

Here he is working with linking verbs:

The rest of the time, they played, worked with me on a gingerbread house and cookies, which you can read about here.

Johann has a cold since Monday, so things were  a bit disturbed.

Today I kind of winged a nativity craft for us to work on together.

Notice Joho's skyscrapper on the left.

I also try to do some organizing done which left me a bit frustrated because of my need for shelves. Anyway, there is more clarity and that is what matter.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get a bit more baking done, cookies, pannetone etc...

Have a great day,


JamieLee said...

Yummy -- baking! We may do some of that tomorrow.

Sounds like a nice week! :)

JnJAF99 said...

That's a great nativity! How cute. Enjoy the season!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Yes, it's time for the end of year wind down. I am SO ready for the Christmas and New Year break :) said...

Your week sounds like mine! It's amazing how bookwork winds down with December!

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