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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The gifted and above grade child

I came across this article and though it to be very enlightening.

Here is another interesting article as well on gifted children.

Is your child very bright or gifted, and also very energetic and distractable, (I have one of those), I found this post on Homeschooling the energetic gifted child very helpful,  and I have actually started to put some of these in practice. As a matter of fact Home Educator website has lots of valuable articles worth checking out. I could not leave the site once I got there. Make sure you go to the back issues all the way down, and make your way through. You won't regret it.

I also came across a great article describing the difference between bright and gifted.

Here are some more helpful websites:

on gifted kids:

Gifted Development center

Talent Development

Teaching the gifted

Bright Kids at home

Since lots of gifted kids are often Spatial Visual learners, here are some articles and websites on the subjects:

Curriculum for the Visual Spatial Learners

Throwing marshmallows. Homeschooljournal


How to Teach Visual Spatial learners


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