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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The homeschool Village: How do you refresh?

It’s Thursday and it is time to meet up with the Homeschool Village.


This week’s theme is: What do you - homeschool mom - do to get refreshed for the next school year?

Well, Refresh? What is that? Oh you mean recharge? Do we ever? Once a mom, always a mom!

With that being so, we do need a break. and here are some of the things I do to give myself a break, and not only during the summer.

  • Take a vacation. I have been blessed these past 2 years to be able to do so. last year we went to visit some friends in Michigan for a week, and I can tell you there was no school talk. This year we are going to fly to Martinique (which is where I come) from for 3 weeks, and I can tell you there won’t be any formal schooling going on.

  • Plan for the next year

  • Read

  • Re--organize things around the house

  • Enjoy time with the whole family (picnics, outings, games etc…)

Want to know how others refresh, make sure to visit Layton Family Joy blog.


Joy Ellis said...

Excellent suggestions for refreshing! :)

Stef said...

Thanks for linking up to the Village!!

there is nothing more fantastic than enjoying the family - absolutely!


Katey said...

Love the vacation idea...or stay-cation....

SomeGirl said...

Hope you have some great time of refreshing with the whole family and get to take a vacation this year, too! It's nice to meet you through the Homeschool Village! ♥ Michelle

Amy said...

What a neat site.

Stopping over from the homeschool village. It is fun reading what everyone does! Going to check out your blog!

Amy @ Things & Stuff

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