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Monday, August 16, 2010

Have you Heard?

There will be another Schoolhouse Expo in October. I tremendously enjoyed the Expo back in May, and was very much encouraged. Their Godly bias is definitely a plus. I would most assuredly encourage every one to attend the upcoming expo this October.

The fall EXPO tickets are now on sale for $19.99 instead of $24.99. That is a $5 discount. You can check it out here.

They have another great lineup of speakers, a freebie package valued at over $200, and lots of fun planned for you all with our hostesses, so you’ll want to sign up THIS week to save $5 and get registered for our first preshow of the season next Tuesday night.

We have 17 speakers lined up for this Expo--including Jeannie Fulbright, Steve and Jane Lambert, Todd Wilson, and Deborah Wuehler-covering such topics as dealing with the highly distractible child, special needs, writing for profit, scholarships, and more.

Not only will you be purchasing admission to the October Schoolhouse Expo, but you’ll also receive the MP3 recordings of each session after the Expo is over . . . plus more than 20 free e-gifts, valued at over $200.

So don't wait and check out the October Schoolhouse Expo now.

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