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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Link Treasures

Another week of link finds:

Get Organized for a Successful School Year

My Early Homeschool Journey: from Doing School to the Power of Play: I really needed to read this as we are about to start a new year. My kids are still young, I need to maintain the balance of light academics and fun activities and play. The rigorous school work is going to be soon upon them and these years of play soon past.

Where Do I Start Homeschooling: Homeschooling a Kindergartner

At Women Living Well you will find 2 inspiring posts entitled: Becoming a Domestic Artist and I Don't Need a Spa I Need Solitude

Alphabet Cheese Cracker: Make Your Own

At My Two Happy Homeschoolers you will find a nice series on color activities.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

This post is also linked over at It's Come to This.

1 comment:

Larry H. said...

Great list of links - I have added you to my personal bookmarks and am a new follower from Friendly Friday!

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