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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Homeschool Village - Our Homeschool History

This week at The Homeschool Village, we are talking about  when we first heard about homeschooling and what our reaction was? Basically what was our history when it comes to homeschooling.

I first heard about homeschooling from a friend who lived in residence with me while I was at Bible College, back about 11 years ago. She, her husband and their 2 kids, at the time, had moved in the girls' residences and we became very good friends, when at that time I had just started dating my husband.  They actually became our witness at our wedding.

They mentioned about how they were planning to homeschool their kids, which were 1 1/2 and 3 at that time. They are now a homeshooling family of 5, with the oldest being 14. They have been our mentors since then.

When we went to Jamaica to minister, 6 months after getting married, we decided that we would most likely homeschool as well, once we have children. We did not have to think twice about it, it just seemed to be a natural decision. I guess the Lord had put it on our heart from the time we met that family, and Jamaica was just the right place, given the context there, to impress that desire on our heart.

When we moved back to Canada, our oldest was 3, and the question arose of whether we would still homeschool or send them to French immersion. We opted for homeschooling, seeing how well they were developing, and the potentials and benefits of homeschooling (which I am not going to list here; that's for another post).

We are glad we did and are hoping to homeschool for a while. We have not had much opposition regarding our decision although, this concept was a bit new to my family coming from a French background where homeschooling is not too popular yet.

We love homeschooling and we believe it is the right choice for our family. God gave us children for us to train and educate, not anybody else. It is not always easy, but nothing in life is, especially the worthwhile things. So by God's grace, we took on the challenge, and by God's grace we shall press on for His glory; hence the title of my blog.

Make sure to visit The Homeschool Village for more story of homeschooling families.


SomewhatCrunchy said...

I'm so glad you didn't experience much oppostion. A bit of support can make all the difference. Thanks for linking up!

Stefanie said...

Support is key. At first people thought we were a bit crazy and my mother-in-law was particularly concerned about the socialization issue. LOL Six years later she appreciates that we can visit more often and that our daughters do not get all of the social skills that the other grandkids have picked up in public school.

Sherry said...

Wonderful story! Love how God speaks to each families' hearts about homeschooling! Thank you for sharing!

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