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Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - One Month Recap

Ouf! We've made it through our first 4 weeks of school. It's time for  break. Next week is our first week off for the year. Here is our yearly schedule if you are interested.

What have we done?

Math: We've done lots of review, which is part of the singapore progression. numbers to 100, a thousands, comparison, addition without renaming. Math has been a bit of a challenge with Zach, but I decided to solve this by doing lots of games to drill those math facts into him. He is doing quite well overall. Working at the board and doing most of the writing for him since to be working better for him. He is more a cooperative. I do have him do all the work of thinking though.

Language Art: We have started our BJU grammar 2 which is going along well. He did very well in the grammar part (thank FLL). For the writing portion he is doing ok and of course I have to do the actual writing, he does the thinking. I am already thinking I might have to switch next year, but we are a way off.

TOG: We started well. No TOG fog, thank God. I did the minimum, reading, geography and some hands -on. I figure we will be doing this 3 more times, no need to sweat it. I have just discovered all the goodies found in the LOOM and I am making my way through it. The 3rd week did not go as well and I intended to finish it up on the 4th but that did not work either for some reason, so I planning to tie up the loose end there during our break. There is a natural break between week 3 and 4 so I do not want to go back to it when we start up again.

Latin: We did start up Latin on our 3rd week and Zach seems to be catching on. Again I do not have him do the written work. It is all oral. I rehearsed the material orally and quiz him orally as well with with me writing.

Geography: Daily geography Practice is running smoothly.

Science: Our Science Material came in on the second week, so we started o the 3rd week. We've learned about atoms and molecules and even tried to make some. i am going to try to see if my hubby can teach that one, though, after all he is the one with the chemistry degree, I have so scientific brain.

Bible: I love our bible curriculum. We studied about wisdom and obedience from our ACSI Bible curriculum between week1-3. For week 4 I started Beyond Belief: True and False from Josh Macdowell, which I am going to alternate in that fashion (3/1). This week was about being friend with God, our need of him as oppose to what the world would have us think that we do not need him.

I am having a hard time getting Zach to want to do school and work with the right attitude , so these past 3 days I have trried a new routine. They get to play in the morning and around 2:30 we do our sit down subjects. If done in time, he gets to play some more before dinner. They seem to like that better. It works better for me as well, because I can do my kitchen, house. computer work in the morning as well all in one sitting. The only problem is fitting in the instrument practice, which would have to come first thing in the morning. Still working that one out. I also find that Zach is more alert and his mind  works better in the afternoon and the evening. Go Figure! He is a night owl like his dad I guess. Joho does not seem to mind. He is very easy to school and teach.

We had a lot of disciplining days and moments this month due to the above problem, but that is the blessing of homeschooling.

What's the plan for next week?

I have lots planned for next week, such as Back-to-school picnic, a trip to the zoo and playdate, and some catch up on TOG.

For myself,  I am also planning to take time to work on my household schedule and routine. I've re-arranged my home binder which needed a nice make over. Now it is time to actually put all the stuff in there to use.

From the heart and home front: We have been having lots of people over these past weeks, which is great but also tiring. It certainly allows me to keep the house reasonably in order and clean ;-). We are really looking forward to some big coming up news, of which I cannot say too much as yet.

That's it for my wrap-up. For more wrap-up make sure to visit Kris @ Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Tristan said...

Good first month back. I have one child who would probably like doing homeschool in the afternoons instead of mornings. Hmm. We may try it when she's a bit more independent.

Jennifer said...

Funny how we think our job is to teach math and grammar, but so much of it is character training! Keep up the good work! You're doing great, and you'll reap the rewards in the long run!!!

Catherine said...

Looks like a fun week! It is so nice that we can adjust schedules as we need to for ourselves and our kids. My daughter is a night-owl and can often be found doing schoolwork until 11pm.

Enjoy your break!

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