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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Training in Godly Character Resources

Top Ten {Tuesday}

We all have many reasons why we homeschool, but for many of us one of the reason is the ability of being the primary influence on our kids as opposed to their peers or school teachers, on top of the added advantage of being able to teach in "the moment".

One of the things we want to teach our kids is christian character and attitude. We all know that the best way is by modeling it to them ( I need to write a separate post on that since I am really learning that), but we can also use means. I just wanted to share here some of the things we have been and are using in our home to help us teach our boys godly character, attitudes and traits.

1. A Little Boy After God's Own Heart

2. Teach Them to your Children

3. Leading Little Ones to Christ

4. A Child's Book of Character Buiding

5. God's Wisdom for Little Boys

6. Parenting with Scripture

7. Bible memory verse system from Charlotte Mason


9.A Catechism : We used Westminster and Heidelberg


Homeschool Netcast Network said...

I am always amazed that many people don't have a vision for their homeschool life. The bible says that man without vision will perish and yet their are many who do not have a vision for some of the more important parts of their life. There are many reasons for doing many things but we should always come back to the Lord as our rock for continuing anything that we do. I found your information very helpful.

oh amanda said...

Thank you for this great list! I'm always on the look out for more help for ME to train my kids!

And thanks for linking up today!

christina said...

Good resources Joelle!

You are right...we need a vision. To us, our vision is training our children in the ways of the Lord. Academics is second.

It is constant work with them, yet with myself as the Lord uses me staying home with them to sanctify me. A true blessing!


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