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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ABC of Homeschooling - I is for . . .

I have really enjoyed reading the different posts on this ABC's of homeschooling meme. I have been inspired and encouraged. Make sure to check everyone's post @ 5 Kids and a Dog.

ABCs of Homeschooling

I was really hesitating for this week's word but I think Idea is my choice word.

Idea: 1. a plan, a suggestion or possible course of action.

2. an opinion or belief about what something is like or should be like.

These are the main 2 definitions of the word idea. There are more but for our purpose this is what I am talking about.

One aspect of homeschooling I love is the opportunity one has to implement all sorts of ideas in their teaching and change around as needed. I am not a very creative person but I like ideas. I like new things. I thank the Lord for the Internet and all the wonderful homeschooling blogs and websites out there. They have been such a great source of ideas for teaching each and every subjects  in their homeschool. I love browsing around through them and pick and choose quite a few of the ideas,plans and suggestions I find.

Not only our homeschool can be filled with new inspiring ideas for teaching, but another advantage of homeschooling is that my boys can have time to have and implement ideas.  My boys love to say "I have an idea." And as much as I can allow, I let them explore and put into action their ideas. I actually encourage them to come up with ways of doing things.  The imagination is something great and it needs to be nurtured through the implementation of the ideas one can come up with. In this way my boys can figure out on their own what works and what does not work. They get to exercise their thinking and problem solving skills.

I have a hands-on boy and a more abstract one. Together they come up with neat things. When the idea of doing something a certain way comes from them and is recognized and used, they take ownership, and more often that not are more inclined to stick to it.

If you want to read my previous posts on the ABC`s of Homeschooling here is a recap:

A is for Attentiveness

B is for Balance

C is for Creativity

D is for Dilligence, Discipline and Disciple and also Discovery

E is for Energy

F is for Faithful

G is for Grace

H is for Heart


crafty_cristy said...

My kids do this too. They come up to me with, "Mom, I have an idea." I think it is good for them to test it out. Sometimes I can see from the get-go that it won't work, but it's better if I can let them find that out on their own. (I don't always do this. sigh.) It's good for all of us to have ideas and try to implement them. It makes us more able to adapt to different seasons of our lives.

joelle said...

I don't always either, but I know I should. sigh.

Naomi said...

Great "I" words!

Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog said...

I LOVE that our kids can take their ideas and run with them. Homeschooling gives our kids so much flexibility so that they can follow their interests. Most homeschooled teens feel sorry for kids stuck inside a classroom all day long, and who can blame them?

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