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Saturday, September 3, 2011

ABC of Homeschooling - T and U

ABCs of Homeschooling

T for Together

Homeschooling is great! But I have to say that one of the advantage of it, which can also be a bother sometime, is the fact that the kids and I are together all the time. Why do I say that? Well, having the kids with you all the time is good as you can really be in their lives, see what they are up to, follow their progress closely, correct them in the moment and hug them as often as you want. But, being together all the time can be overwhelming. No break and constant "mommy call".

That said I do not think I would have it any other way. As much as sometimes I think I would be better off sending them to school (to save my sanity), I love being with them, and the fact that they love being with me seals the deal. We learn together, we laugh together, we are silly together, we play together, we cook together, we discover together, we meet new people together and the list goes on and on.

Together is good, soon will come the time when they will be gone, married and have their own life without me. I will be glad I had my fill. Lots of people tell me to enjoy this time when my boys are clinging to me because the time is approaching quickly when they will be reluctant to be hugged. So, this I try to do.


U for Untraditional

It took me a while to come up with a u word, but I got it: untraditional. Why? because as homeschooler we tend to not do things the traditional way. Sure there are lots of homeschoolers who literally do SCHOOL at HOME (which is fine), but I would venture to say that most DO NOT do school like it is done in a school setting.

Here are some ways in which we are untraditional:


  • We do not use a preset curriculum. Every year we reassess what we are using and change things around if need be.

  • We do school anywhere, ranging from the dining table, the sofa, the floor, the bed, the park, the car and anywhere in between.

  • We use games a lot and non-traditional drill methods, such has jumping jacks and jumping on a trampoline, to name a few (I have boys, so those came to mind)

  • We take sick days without missing anything.

  • Fieldtrip often tend to be family outing where it is more than just an educational activity.

  • We take time with projects, whether it be science, history or whatever.

  • We school during the summer (for some) and have weeks off during the regular school year.

  • We can be ahead or behind without having to worry about grading and tests.

These are just a few of the ways in which we are untraditional, but this list can go on and on.

For more ABC's of homeschooling letter U words, be sure to go over to 5 Kids and a Dog.



Jennifer said...

What a sweet picture of you all together.

joelle said...

Thank you!

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