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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Additionall Ressources to TOG Medieval Times Studies

We finished Unit 1 of Tapestry of Grace on the Middle Ages era and here is the list of the resources we added to our study:


The Kingfisher Atlas of the Medieval World

World Historical Atlases: The medieval World by Rebecca Stefoff


Medieval World Series by Crabtree Pubishing

Medieval World by Smart Apple Media

Weapons of War series

Uncovering History: Everyday Life in . . .

I Belong to the . . . Faith

You Wouldn't want to Be ...

Armies of the Past

The Usborne Illustrated World History: The Viking World

Life and Time

The Viking Library

At a Glance

Ancient Civilizations

That's Their Stories

Ancient and Medieval People

The Age of Castles

DK  Discoveries (Castles at War; Crusades)


Charlemagne from Biography from Ancient Civilizations Series

Medieval England by Cathryn Hinds from Cultures of the Past Series

Barbarians! by Steven Kroll

Back to Basics: The Vikings

Sightseers: Essential Travel Guide to the Past

How to be a Medieval Knight by Fiona Macdonald

Navigators: Knights and Castles by Philip Steele

The Middle Ages: Explore the History of  the Wold from the Mongol onslaught to the Voyages of Columbus

Knights & Castles by Philip Dixon


The History and Activities of the . . .

Medieval Projects You Can Do!

Footsteps in Time

Hands -0n - History

Craft Topics

My World by Peter Chrisp (TWO CAN Publishing)

Step Into: The Viking World



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