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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top Ten Worldview Concepts I Need to Teach my Kids

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
We live in a world where the word worldview has become a word on the street, and everyone has a definition and a content for it. We also live in a world where deep and rigourous thinking is not necessarily upheld by christians. That said, I believe that as a christian I have the responsibility to make sure I teach my boys the right and proper worldview, the christian worldview, which demands rightly thinking about matters of reality, purpose, knowledge and truth. Here is a non-exhautive list of the top ten concepts I want and need to have my kids understand and adhere to:

1. The chief end of man is not happiness, but to know God and bring Him glory.

2. True happiness is to be found in a true knowledge of God.

3. God is transcendent - above, beyond, other than ourselves and the created order.

4. Our outlook and view of life should be beyond the here and now. We need to be "eternity - minded".

5. Humanity is in rebellion against God and under His wrath, that means every single beings.

6. True knowledge of God and reconciliation with God can only be obtained through His Son Jesus Christ.

7. Nature testifies to God's glory, His character and His nature.

8. Scripture, besides revealing God's nature and character to us, is primarily revealing to us the way back to God, and what He requires of us.

9. God and His glory should be the frame of reference for any thought and analysis in this world.

10. Our lives should be lived in gratitude to God who, though transcendent, condescends to care and redeem a people for Himslef through the work of propitiation of His own Son.


Stefanie said...

Agreed! =o)

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

True list - awesome!

Patsy Miz Bee Brekke said...

Great list! I might also add, "We are here for His pleasure, not Him for ours." There's been a lot of misunderstanding of that creeping into the church over the ages...

Erika said...

Great truths! More people need to be concerned to teach their kids these things.

Patty @ Coming Up Roses said...

I have chosen your blog as one of my top 15 "One Lovely Blog" awards. If I am the first to present you with this award, please check out my post on how to claim it -

Patty @ Coming Up Roses said...

Love your top ten! I agree on all points and hope to include them this year in my HS!

The Freemans said...

Great List! Agreed!

Under the Sky said...


Please email me ASAP. I believe your Facebook page has been hacked.

Thank you!


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