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Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Homegrown Learners

Another week is over. It seems that the weeks are flying by so quickly since we the year started.

We had a good week of school accomplishing the usual subject: Math, Handwriting, Science, Spelling, Grammar and History.

This week we tackled China and Japan in our History. I was glad to have discovered this site this week in relation to our study this week: National Geographic Education.

The new thing for tis week was starting French using French dailies from Schoolhouse Teachers website. If you have not visited Schoolhouse Teacher make sure you do, this site is full of homeschool help on every possible homeschool school subjects.

The attempt at drawing in the picture came from Schoolhouse Teachers dailies as well.

We were blessed with snow all day today, so dad and I took the boys out to play in it.

The boys in capes here represent their version of hobbits. Zach is creating stories after stories of hobbits adventures, and Joho is quite happy to join the party.

1 comment:

Hope Jackson said...

I enjoyed reading about your week. Love all the snow, too!
Visiting from Collage Friday! =)

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