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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Homeschool Summer Plans

Summer is here, but that does not mean that school is out. In our Homeschool I do not take a summer off anymore for several reasons:

#1 our school year is very relaxed. Even though I loosely follow a classical education method our school days are not very rigid. That said there are things that I want covered so I figured continuing school during the summer will help with that.

#2 Throughout the school year we take breaks when we need to, so we do not need an official summer break.

#3 The Schoolhouse review Crew runs throughout the summer so it feels unnatural to do review stuff if we are on so called "vacation".

So what is our summer going to look like:

1. Get some science done.

2. Review Math topics.

3. French and Latin will be in session. I can never get going with Latin, so I am hoping with more time during the summer, may be it will finally get going.

4. Vacation Bible school week in July

5. Church camp in August

6. Picnics and outings here and there. We've been having heat alerts already, so we will see how these go.

7. A zoo trip

8. Drive-in  movies

9. Lots of reading

10. Memorization work

These are not exhaustive, I am sure there is lots more that will happen, but they are not planned as of yet.

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