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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is Relaxed Homeschooling?

Now that we have explored Classical Education, it is time to turn to the notion of relaxed

What is relaxed homeschooling and what do I understand by it?

Relaxed homescholing can be understood as a way of life and a mindset toward education which really is what homeschooling is all about.

In practice a relaxed homeschooling focuses on an atmosphere of learning. Education and learning does not have to be fun but it does have to take place in the context of everyday living. That is one of the reason why we homeschool. The intention is not so much to do "school at home", as much as to "home educate". There is a difference. The difference lies in the structure and form of doing school.

Relaxed homeschooling is not equivalent to unschooling. In relaxed homeschooling there is structure, goals and plans. The way this is followed through is where things get different and creative.

In a relaxed setting, more than the goals, philosophy, methodology, and style of homechooling are taken into consideration.  Attention is also given to:
  • the interests of the child
  • the learning style of the child
  • The personality of the child
  • the home rhythm
  • The overall learning atmosphere and environment
Relaxed homeschooling, as a mindset, is concerned with the home environment as the learning place. It is about setting a lifestyle of learning in the home. The only person that you need to respond to as a teacher is God and the job he has given you and your husband as parents, an integral part of which is educating your kids.

Relaxed homeschooling in practice might look different with different homeschoolers, but the heart of it is very similar.

Now, that said, personally, I am not advocating for an environment that focuses on the child and on entertainment, but I am advocating for collaboration and an atmosphere of love of learning. That love will not happen right away, and that should  not be my driving force. However, I believe that as you consistently feed the kids well intellectually, that love of learning will develop.

One word I would also associate with relaxed homeschooling would be the word flexibility. Being a relaxed homeschooler for me means to be able to adapt, a skill I am still developing: adapt within the set goals, and know how to turn situations and interruptions into learning opportunities.

I like this quote I found on the net recently @ Relaxed Homeschooler :
"Relaxed Homeschooling is the idea that learning is life, and life is about learning--all day, every day. While structure is acceptable and even desired at times, relaxed homeschooling allows us to throw off the burden of time and curriculum pressures, and embrace an all-encompassing education with God at the center."

For more on relaxed homeschooling check out Mary Hood's website: Archers for the Lord.

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