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Thursday, April 24, 2014

CTC Math - TOS Review

I am really excited  to tell you about a Math program that my boys have been enjoying for the past couple of months: CTC Math.

Because Math is such an important school subject, I am always intrigued by Math curriculum and always willing to try them out. When the chance to review the 12 month family Plan from CTC Math came up, I jumped on the opportunity. No regrets to report.

What is CTC Math?

CTC Math is an online Math curriculum that describes itself as an online Math Tutor. It is geared for kids from Kindergarten to High school.

How it works:

You need a computer, internet access and a log in. The way the program works is that you watch a video with a teacher that explains to you the math concepts. The really neat thing about this program is that you (the student) have full control of the video, that is, you can stop it at any time, rewind, forward etc... Once you complete the video, you have a chance to do a set of exercises (usually 10-20 questions) to help you master and apply the concept just learned. You can redo the exercises as many times as you want and each time it will be a new set of questions. You can keep going over the lesson as well as many time as you need to. The answers to the exercises are given to you, once you complete the set of questions. You can see and know then how you did and where you made mistakes. At any time during your exercises you can go back and re-watch the video, it will save your score and you can go back and continue where you stopped.

The exercises are graded, and at the end of a set of concepts you have a chance to be awarded a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal.

The teacher is an Australian Math teacher named Pat Murray. Even if he is Australian you do have the choice of which countries' curriculum you want to work from.

You can have several kids using the program at the same time. Each child gets his own log in and the parent has its own too. The parent can track each child's progress in details and have the option of receiving notifications each time they get a certificate.

Our opinion:

The boys and I are giving this program 5 thumbs up. What did we like?
  • Short lessons, yet comprehensive and understandable
  • Lots of exercises to work from
  • The reward system  makes the program very  motivating and challenging.
  • Reports are e-mailed to the parents where you can see how your child is doing.
  • You can go back and forth between grades
  • Self-paced
  • Straightforward teaching, no flashy or distracting extras, yet still engaging.
  • Easy to navigate through
  • The kids can use it independently. They only needed my help a couple of time to clarify certain things.
  • There is a printable one page summary of the main points of the lessons.
There are a couple of extras incorporated within the program, such as speed kills which practice the math facts skills of the student. 

The boys really liked working with CTC Math. Even my oldest who is not a fan of Math because of the hard work and practice it demands admitted to me that he does not mind working with CTC Math. That in itself is makes it a winner. I had them do their Math exclusively with CTC Math 4 times a week (our normal school week). They have reviewed concepts already learned and learned new ones. When they would get a low score I would have them keep practicing that concept until their score improved. It helped them and motivated them to see the improvement in their scores and to see the average going up as well.

The boys have even started a friendly competition about who gets the most gold and platinum medals. What a way to get them to do their best! They love going over, checking out the certificate they got right their in their log in.

I would recommend CTC Math to anyone looking for something fresh to do with their kids for Math, as well as for kids struggling in Math as an extra tutor and practice outlet

Price: $118.80 at the moment for homeschoolers. This is a current sale of 60% off the regular price, which represents a $178.20 saving.

Interested? Give it a try by checking their demo or the free trial on their website.
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Sarah said...

Thanks for the link, my son also struggles with Maths. Will be looking into the Australian version of this. :)

kimfay86 said...

Does this work for your whole math curriculum?

Joelle A. said...

Is it can work for a full Math Curriculum. It is totally up to you if you want to add some worksheets for more practice. It also depends on the need of the child.

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