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Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List and Summer Homeschool for 2014

Summer is finally here. Warm weather, shorts, tank tops and sandals. I am not one who likes the heat but I like not having to wear sweaters and coats. So, what are the plans for the summer. I figure I should sort of come up with something, so I'll post it here so that I can remember what I would like for us to do:

Definitely happening:

Church Camp
Vacation road trip to Florida
Soccer league (with a ministry opportunity attached to it - so excited!)
Drive in: X-Men (Done), Spiderman 2 (Done),  Hobbit
Watch the World Cup (Happening right now)
Yearly Track and Field (Done)
Crew review items

Planned list:

Science experiments and science readings with:
  • Building Block of Science Series
  • Nibbling on Einstein's Brain
  • Supercharged Science
Park playdates

Make Triple Strawberry No-Drip Pops

Summer Reading list:

Go Through Mysteries of History
The Phantom Booth
The Indian in the Cupboard
Water Buffalo Days
Falling Asleep 
More Hardy Boys

Here goes our Summer plans for this year.

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