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Toronto - A Homeschooler's Trove for Field Trip Ideas and a Giveaway

I live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), which is in the province of  Ontario in Canada. Canada is known to be a very accepting, loving and beautiful country. Since we moved here about 9 years ago, we have enjoyed living here. We started homeschooling shortly after moving and field trips have always been part of our yearly activities, whether with a homeschooling group, or with the family.

This month the Canadian Blogging Team is taking you around the GTA on a virtual field trip. Come on along and see all the places Canada has to offer.

A round-up of posts on places to see and field trips ideas across Canada

I will list here all the places I would take you if you were to pay me a visit, and all the places we have taken out boys, or hope to soon, on Field Trips.

The CN Tower, right downtown Toronto, one of the hallmarks of Toronto. Not to be missed!

The Ripley's Aquarium, the newest attraction in Toronto, right downtown as well, and definitely worth the visit. This is also a place great for a field trip, which is how we went.

The Ontario Science Museum - What parent does not like taking their kids to museum, especially those of us who homeschool? The Ontario Science Center is the place to be for museum in Toronto. WE also had a membership there for a few years when the boys were younger. They have a very appealing and hands-on kids' area. The boys really enjoyed their trips there. This is also a great place for science related field Trip with adapted programs. They seasonal exhibitions tend to be really cool as well.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - Another museum to enjoy, right downtown as well. This one is more artsy and Historical in nature and also has a nice kids' area. Very enjoyable place to be, with very interesting seasonal exhibitions as well.

The Falls at Niagara, 2 hours a away, but can't be missed! Whether it is summer or winter, it a scenery to set eye upon. It is a great place to go around Christmas/NewYear and see the show of lights and skate around there.

The Toronto Zoo, right on the outskirt of Toronto and one of the largest Zoo out there. We held a membership there for a couple of years. The boys really loved going, and it was good exercise for us walking around. They do accommodate field trips as well.

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) - if you love art you want to go there. Even if you don't one must visit this place at least once. It is beautifully filled with great pieces of Art and has a nice children's art spot as well, especially for the young ones.

Tall Ships: experience the world of a sailor aboard the Tall Ships from the Great Lakes Schooner Company.

Humber Arboretum, this is a wonderful place for an outdoor field trip as well where the focus is on ecology, which includes,animal, nature, water studies and everything in between.

Black Creek Pioneer Village - a place to experience life as the pioneers did. Great variety of programs.

Around this time of the year, there are a few different places where you can organize a trip about Maple syrup harvesting all around Ontario. A few of these places are:
White Meadows Farms
Brooks Farms
Gibbons Family Farms
Horton Tree Farms
McLachlan Family Maple Syrup and Pancake House
Kinsmen Fanshawe Sugar Bush
Kortright Center
Bruce's Mill Conservation Area

Just outside the City:

Westfield Heritage Village - A place where Canadian History come Alive for kids. You can learn about Maple syrup harvesting there as well.

Pickering Village: experience life as a settlers. Very enjoyable educational programs that takes you back to the time of the first settlers

Stafford: where you can enjoy beautiful plays

Ottawa, full of museums and the capital city of Ontario, if you don't mind driving 5 hours from Toronto, you will have plenty to do there.

Ste Marie on the Huron - History related field trip where you explore the lives the first Ontario European settlers first hands.

Hamilton Civic Museums - I have not been there yet, but this has been on my list of to do for a few years now. I need to schedule that in for the next school year!

Fair Glen: about 2 hours away from Toronto, outdoor explorations and discovery which includes activities such as canoeing, rope climbing and lots more.

Ontario also offer a large variety of parks to visit and enjoy. Among there are the Rouge Park, Niagara -on-Lake, and many more.

Make sure to visit everyone's post on the team over at The Canadian Homeschooler.

Now for the giveaway

This month we have 3 giveaways for you:

1) Family/Group Discovery Pass from Parks Canada. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. Value $136.40. Here's the details on what it includes etc:
2) Rough Guide: Canada - travel guide book. Value $29.99. Here's the Amazon listing if you want more info:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
3) The Ultimate Guide to Field Trips in Canada ebook. Value: $5.99. From Sharla Kostelyk of The Chaos and the Clutter. Details:…/

Details: Open to Canada only – excluding Quebec. Must be 18+ to enter. Ends April 15th, 2015 @11:59pm EST. 
Please use the entry form below!


Annette said…
Going to Pin this post. several of those places I've not been to OR heard of. Thanks for the ideas! :)

I am Annette @ A net In time.
graciegirl said…
Would love to see BC. I'm from Toronto, Ontario.
Jennifer said…
I would love to go to PEI.

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