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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Real Life Homeschool - My 6th Grader Homeschool

Yesterday, as part of this week long blog hop on Real Life Homeschool,  I shared about my 4th grader school day. Today we will look at my 6th grader school day.

Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop

My oldest son is a typical first born, very autodidact, dreamer, lazy tendencies, and very laid back.

I find it harder to homechool him, but over the 8 years we have been at it, there has been progress, though there is still a long road ahead.

The difficulty arises in that he tends to get very distracted and needs to be held accountable.

When he wakes up in the morning, he likes to do his own thing, which consists of whatever is on his mind at the moment, writing a book, creating some Lego game or board games, playing imaginary battles, you name it.

After breakfast, as of recently he has taken to spending a good time in the shower. Then he tries to start his school. Most days he gets about 2-3 subjects done, then gets distracted again in doing something else, like playing with his swords, or writing or building project. Used to be by the time he starts his school, his brother would have already done 3-4 subjects. He has gotten much better at getting his school done in some timely fashion. I think maturity has a lot to do with it. He is eleven and a half.

So because of that, a lot of days his school is not done before dinner, and either carry over to the next day or gets done after dinner.

Recently, because he was getting tired of not finishing his school on time, he took it on himself to get going with school before breakfast. He would even get some doe before coming out of bed, by doing his online subjects, mainly French and Math. Unfortunately, when he wakes up late, that plan does not quite work.

His subjects' run-down, goes something like this:

French: Duolingo online

Math: A Plus Tutorsoft online

Life of Fred: with Johann and me. He usually takes him more time to finish the questions though.

Writing: together with me and Johann.

Grammar: On his own. We are doing the MCT books. We did the Voyage book together, and now he is going through Practice Voyage. I just check the sentences he does.

Spelling: with me.

Copywork: on his own.

History: the reading and map work on his own, and the Dialectic discussion questions with dad on Tuesday evenings.

Science: online on his own. Where there is hands on we do it together.

Bible Study/Devotion: with me

Logic: we are going through a book on fallacies together.

Read-Aloud: this is done together along with Johann. Zach loves books and loves being read to so he loves this time and the stories.

Reading: On his own. He loves this time of his day; he often retreats to his bedroom and on his bed for it. He has developed a real love of reading over the years; though it has to be a book he really enjoys! He tends to re-read them over.

There you have an idea of how a school day runs in the homeschool life of my 6th grader.

We do not do every subjects every day. Next, I will share how our schedule is set up and how it actually runs. I will also share some of our routine activities.

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