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Thursday, January 21, 2016

6 Apps My Boys Love to Use

With the prevalence of technology in our everyday lives, it is really hard to keep technology out of school. Why would we anyway? Technology offers us so many more options to help teach our kids. So, today I am joining the crew blog in sharing with you the top 6 apps my boys love to use, and they do almost on a daily basis.

Reading with Overdrive: we live on a one income budget and we can't buy all the books we would want to have around the house. I am so thankful for the library system. One way we make use of it is by using their overdrive app where you can borrow books and audiobooks online, and enjoy them for 3 weeks. The boys listen to an audiobook on overdrive every single night.

French with Duolingo: my boys need to learn French and it has been a struggle to find something that they enjoy. Here comes Duolingo, both the boys use this app daily for their French.

Social Studies with Brain Pop: this app gives you access to the free video that the wonderful Brain Pop website offers every day, for kids to enjoy without having to be subscribed. My boys thoroughly enjoy watching these videos.

Hobbies: iMovie and Stop Motion: my boys, like a lot of boys, love Legos. They have taken into the whole thing of making up their own animated Lego movies and to help them in their efforts they found these two app that allows them to do so and they have been enjoying using them. They've done quite a few neat things and it has helped them spur their imagination.

Pages: Any device needs to have a word processing  and for the boys' iPad, pages is the one they use. This is where my oldest prepares his assignments, whether it is writing an essay or answering his TOG questions for his online co-op.

Bonus app:  They do not use these a lot (although when we first got it my oldest spent a lot of his time on the timeline builder), but they do love the apps from Knowledge Quest History, especially:

Our favourite Apps for Homeschooling iOS and Android

1 comment:

Annette said...

never thought there was an app for stop motion work.. my son was delighted to learn that there was. :) So thanks for the heads up! Even found one for android. :)

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