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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Homeschool Monthly Wrap-up: #1

It has been a while since I have done any kind of school wrap up on here. With the new year I have decided to try to have a monthly wrap up of our homechooling. I will be doing these in the form of a random 5 post.

Weekly Wrap-Up

1. We have been back in a school routine for the past 4 weeks. The boys' schedule consists of:
  • Math:  daily CTC for Johann and Unlock Math for Zach, as well as Life of Fred twice a week and Kumon workbooks twice a week.
  • Science: they have just completed the Earth Science unit from Standard Deviants which we got to review last year. (check the review)
  • Spelling: Spelling Zoo from IEW which we got from the TOS crew as well. 
  • Logic: Johann, The Basics of Critical Thinking from The Critical Thinking Co., and for Zach, the Art of Argument from Classical Academic Press..
  • Grammar: Johann is using a new book from Classical Academic Press (Well Ordered Language), which is not even out yet, and Zach is using Analytical Grammar.
  • Writing: we are in book 4 of Writing and Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press, learning how to write Chreia.
  • Tapestry of Grace. We we in week 21, at the beginning of Colonial Times. Zach has been thoroughly enjoying his co-op class. I am the one teaching these days and I, myself, actually have been enjoying it too. The kids are really interesting.
  • Bible
  • French: Duolingo for both right now

2. Zach has just finished the trilogy of The Hunger Games and was pretty happy with the way it is written. His dad has been reading it too. They love racing with each other.

3. The boys have been pretty active in sports this January with the annual Volleyball electives going on right now as well as a new endeavor at our church to gather kids to play Ping-pong. They have really enjoyed both and it happens to be on the same day too.

4. I was super excited to receive my copy of the annual print of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine this week.

5. In his free time Zach has been working on Lego movies and creating his own minifigures.

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