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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Homeschool Mother Journal and Friday Collage

Homegrown Learners

It's Friday and time for a school recap. I missed last week's recap for this is a run down of the last 2 weeks.

In our Homeschool . . .

Our school has been going smoothly:

Handwriting: doing the next thing.

Grammar: moving along in Practice Town

Writing: we've almost completed the first part of Paragraph Town. We have learned quite a few things about the paragraph: need for order, clarity, and logic, the different kinds of paragraph.

Math: Joho is working on a review product. So far so good. It is mainly review for him, even though it is a grade higher than his official grade level,  but it helps solidify what he knows. I am continuing decimals with Zach and some problem solving.

History: we are wrapping up unit 2 of TOG with the Gold Rush after talking about the Oregon Trail last week. Zach can't wait to get to the Civil War part.

Spelling: we are still enjoying the Logic of English. The boys especially enjoy the games (as seen on the pictures: basketball and baseball phonograms). Their phonemic awareness and their spelling has greatly improved.

Science: we've been studying about the earth, covering what it is made of,  light and rocks, and now are starting talking about the weather.

What we are reading. . .

They finished reading The Hobbit and now Joho is reading Charlotte's Webb and Zach Tom Sawyer. For my part I am tremendously enjoying a book I just got: Think Christianly.

Places we are going . . .

Last week we started a 7 week long Volley-ball session with our homeschool group.The boys are very excited about it, though they complain about the drills, they want to be playing games the whole time.

What we've been cooking. . .

Curry beef, homemade pizza, Beef and Rice Casserole and Breakfast on a Tortilla.

The boys' favorite thing this week . . .

What did brought home:


Lori said...

Hello, Joelle!

I'm visiting through Ihomeschool Mother's Journal. You're week looks like it has been exciting.

The meals sound yummy! I think I'll try the Beef and Rice Casserole next week. Do you have a set recipe for the Curry Beef?

Have a good weekend.

Stefanie said...

Great week!!!! And dinner looks like it's been yummy. I should've stopped by. lol

Kym Thorpe said...

Dinner looks yummy! :-) We've really enjoyed that History encyclopedia - hope you all do too!

Wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

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