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Monday, April 6, 2015

Real Life Homeschool - Homeschooling my 4th Grader

Many always wonder what it is like to homeschool and what a typical day is like for a homeschooler. Well this week I am joining over 50 other bloggers to share with you what our days really look like.

Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop

I have 2 boys, grade 4 and grade 6. Today I will share a day with my 4th grade,r and tomorrow a day with my 6th grader.

Let me preambule this with a few things to know about my 4th grader:
He is very routine oriented
He is by the book
He is driven
He likes to achieve and be done
He likes to have time to do what he wants to do and therefore tends to plan out his day.
He loves to eat
He moves a lot

I am not a morning person so my kids are usually up before me. Don't throw the tomatoes at me!!

Sometimes, my 4th grader will get started wit his school before breakfast, depending on his mood and how much work he has to do.

After breakfast, which is usually anytime between 8:30-9:30 am, he gets groomed and gets to work. Most days though he stays in his pajamas - he loves his pajamas. Every so often play gets in the way and he does not get started until 1/2 hour to 1 hour later. That play consists of messing around with his brother, or working on a puzzle, or anything that caught his attention

Both boys love to do their subjects in the order they wish, so I let them. My youngest is a bit more predictable in that regard though.

Here is what his do do list looks like.

When he needs me for a subject, he calls me out. If I am not ready to come, he usually either goes and plays something or works on a puzzle. And then he tells me: "tell me when you're ready." He will not do a different subject! He has to stick to whatever order he sets himself to do that day - except on those rare days when I am taking forever to come.

Subject run-down:

Online math - he does it independently and usually does well without me.

Life of Fred: we do together, with my 6th grader as well. I read the text and then they work on the "your turn". Sometimes he is seated next to me, sometimes he wonders around while I read. When it is time to do the exercises, we have to fumble around looking for pens and paper, but it does eventually get done.

Grammar: we usually work on it together, as grammar is not his strong suit. We are doing Practice Voyage right now.

Writing - we also do this together with my oldest. Same scenario where I read the text and then they do the exercise separately.

Latin -  he does on his own and then I correct it, or help him with the vocabulary.

French - we do together.

History - he does on his own as it is mostly reading, or filling out maps.

Science - on his own as well as it's online too. On days that we have hands-on we do it together.

Read-aloud - together obviously.

Reading - The required time is an hour which he fulfills with both audiobooks and with actual books (required by dad). When he listens to the audiobook, he usually works on  a puzzle at the same time.

Copywork - done independently

Spelling - done with me - tight now we are doing spelling lists test.

Art and Poetry - We do it together. we are going through a book together

Bible Study/Devotion - we just recently started a new Bible study book from the crew, and we are working on it together. This serves as a nice one on one intimate time.

My 4th grader is the one who is usually done by 2 or 3 in the afternoon most days. Once he is done, he gets to play with his technology.

There you have a day in the homeschool life of my 4th grader. Tomorrow, you will look at my 6th grader and how he days usually goes. Later in the week I will also share how the homemaking gets done while we homeschool (or more accurately barely gets done!).

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Charlotte said...

This was a neat glimpse into your schedule! And can I say that I wish my kids were as driven? :-)

Joelle A. said...

Well,my 6th grader is not, so I understand what you mean.

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