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Friday, May 29, 2009

My 3 year old makes me proud

I have been quite impressed with my 3,5 year old, as has anyone who's met him. I know it is all God's grace and I thank him for it. I hardly do any school with him yet.

He can read at grade 1 level. Here he is in action reading Cap for Sale, one of his favorite stories.

Here we are playing scrabble Junior:

He has been able to do 100 pieces puzzles since he was 3. Puzzles are actually one of his favorite things to do.

Another 100 pieces one, and without help (he's done it a few times now)

Here he is with an I Spy matching games He lves the I Spy stuff as well.

Suffice to say our house is full of puzzles . . .

He can write his name (Johann)
He can count to 15 with understanding the correspondence, he can add, somewhat, like 2+2, and 1+1 and 3+3.
He knows all his shapes and colors
He is also very agile with scissors
He can use the computer without assistance
He loves building with legos (i mean the small ones).

Now to be honest there are things he cannot do:
He is still in diapers; I am trying to work on this these days.
He can't draw much and there are a lot of letters he still can't write, same with numbers.

I am very happy that with both my boys, learning Just happens naturally. They are both early readers which opens up a lot of things for them.  I know the day is coming when they will give me challenges, but we will cross that bridge when it comes.  What a blessing!

Have a great day, Joelle

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