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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My son loves vegetable!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it nice when your children eat vegetables and actually like them. My kids have never been big vegetable eaters, but they do it some of them. Zach eats almost everything and actually loves brocolli, lettuce, corn, peas and tomatoes. Joho only loves tomatoes, corn and peas. Today, we finally got Zach to try asparagus (we tried before and he would not), and wonders of wonders he likes it. I always consider it a blessing when one of my children likes a vegetable.

Here is a recipe that Zach reeeeeeeeeeeeally loves. So much so that one time we had guests over, and one of the guests happened to finish the last piece of it, while zach (who is a slow eater) was still eating. When he was done, he went looking for another piece, and pouff, there weren't any. We had a crying child on our hand, and promised to make some more very soon.

Here it is: Oven Fried Eggplant

Have a great day, Joelle


lexi said...

Ok, I finally got around to posting my blog award. Whew! Craziness here! Thanks again for the award! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Joelle. I'm sorry the link for my new blog is not working. Ugh...I'm not sure why. I'll leave it here

There is no dot after the www's for some reason. Also, if that doesn't work, try going to my family blog, which is and on there if you scroll down to my links section, you will find a link for my homeschool blog. I know that one is working!! I look forward to hearing from you again.

Your recipe sounds yummy.I love eggplant, but I haven't yet attempted to get my kids to love it. Now that you've given me a good recipe, it's about time to spring it on my family :-). Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Something we love at our house is Eggplant Lasagna. Instead of noodles, use eggplant ( precooked halfway). It gives it a wonderful flavor and no carbs!


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