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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Science experiment

Zach's been enjoying this newly discovered video tape series  My First. They a set of tapes with colorful easy to follow guide for fun activities using stuff you have at home. They are great to introducing and exposing young ones to topics and  concepts. He started with the My First Activities Video ones and, as always, had been doing crafts projects. These days he has been enjoying the My First Science Video.
Here are the pics of what we did.

The set up: 3 kinds of liquids, oil, syrup, and colored water
one, and yesterday we did one of the experiments. He had lots of fun, and wanted to keep doing experiments. We are supposed to do another one today.


What's happening? The syrup stays at the bottom; the water sits in between the oil and the syrup.

Let's drop some stuff in and see what happens.
And here is what we learned (in my son's words): Some liquids are heavier than others. The thick and heavy sinks to the bottom. Water is not as heavy as syrup but lighter than oil.

I actually enjoyed the experience too!

My next project is making up a schedule of science experiments to do.

Have a great day, Joelle

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Anonymous said...

When I was a young girl (30-some years ago), my Sunday School teacher did a chemistry presentation that I loved. I can't remember exactly how it went, but it was something like this: She had a glass of water (or maybe multiple glasses), she squeezed a drop of a chemical into the water and it turned black to represent our sin. The water now looked dirty, like there was no way to ever get it clean again. Then a new drop either turned that glass of black water red or a separate glass of water red, to represent Christ's blood. Next she either mixed the red water into the black water or dropped another chemical into the same glass and it turned sparkling clear, like the water had never been any other color, to represent how Jesus' blood can make us clean, no matter how dirty we had been before. It was such an awesome presentation! Now that I'm a Sunday School teacher, I would like to do this for my kids. Would you have any idea where to order the materials for this?

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