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Thursday, July 30, 2009 back to school sale

I rarely post about sales and the like, but I thought I might make an exception for this one. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had found an interesting site for homeschool resources called Well next week they are having a great sale on.

Here is the e-mail I got:

"We are gearing up for a HUGE back-to-school sale at  During the first week of August (3rd-7th), we will give customers a 50% discount coupon to the store.  For the remainder of the month, all sets will be set to 35% off. 

During this five day portion of the sale, customers can buy EVERYTHING in our store for just $50.00!  During these five days, we will ALSO give all full set purchasers a special e-gift package from several of our publishing friends as well as some of our own free gifts.  We also will have a Pro-Click Binding System prize giveaway for all participating customers.  It's going to be a great back-to-school event for many families!"

They really have great stuff there, so you might want to check it out.  Head on over @ and see you there.


Have a great day, Joelle

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