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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some sites worth checking out

I have been busy preparing for a science co-op class starting this Friday. I have decided to teach on Bones, Muscles and Skin. I have been using some online resources to prepare for this and I thought I would share these sites and some others.

First, I would like to recommend Lesson pathway. I few weeks ago I was able to join in a panel of beta tester for this site, and I am really glad I took on the opportunity. They have a great array of resources for K-12 on lots of school subjects. It is a payed membership but they do have some free stuff and offer a trial.

Second, would be a site called KidsHealth, which contains great free info, articles and movies on subjects related to our body and how it works.

Thirdly, I've used the science curriculum we are presently using,  Classic Science.

Fourthly, is abcteach which is a great resource for the classroom for K-12. It has worksheets, activities, with a make your own option. It is a payed membership as well, but I took advantage of a promotion at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, which was offering 1/2 the normal price (On until tomorrow). Check it out. I am glad I finally joined.

Lastly is SparkleBox, which I believe I mentioned before, but is worth repeating for anybody who has never heard about it. It is full of colorful resources on a whole wide range of subjects. Be sure to check both Sparklebox 1 and SparkleBoKS2.

Hope someone find these useful and helpful.

Have a great day,

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