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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The homeschool Village : The boys' favorite Books

So this week The homeschool Village is asking what is your child's favourite book.

I was surprised when I asked my 6 year old what his favorite book was, to hear him say Charlotte's Web. I believe it is because he is reading it now and really enjoying it.

When I ask him why he said because he likes it. Can't beat that!

Now, I expected him to say Thomas the Tank Engine, or Thomas and Friends. So, when I asked him how come he did not answer that, he said: "well, it is both.".

I still think it is Thomas' books his favourite, considering that, if given the choice, that is what we would read every nights.

Since we gave Zach a little train set when he was 3 (which was not even a Thomas thing) he has been obsessed with trains, and then came Thomas the Tank Engine into the picture, and they fell in love. Look at his own collection.

He's read these over and over, and probably also read  more that 90% of the Library's own collection.

I did ask him why he loves Thomas' books and he said  " Because I like trains." Pretty straight forward.

For Joho, his answer was Curious George, Go, Diego Go, Cam Jansen and Winnie the Pooh. He is 4 so he has a hard time putting one above the others. It all depends on the moment.

Make sure to check other's favorite by visiting The Homeschooling Village.


Stef said...

oh my - we know all about Thomas! My 7yr old had about a 2 year love affair with the tank engine! Now my 3yr old is somewhat interested.

thanks for linking up again and sharing!

Joy Ellis said...

My oldest loved Thomas when he was younger and now my youngest has taken his place. They both love looking at trains. Especially the old steam engine type!

Tricia @Hodgepodge said...

I love the photos of all the books spread out!

Kimberly @christlikemommy said...

Hi Following from friday Follow Blog Hop! Come visit me! :)

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