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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How I Organize

Melissa over @ Home Grown Families is hosting a back-to-school check-up theme. Last week was about the school room. This week it is about organization.

Organization.? Who said organization? I think that is one area where we homeschoolers either excel at , or are just trying to keep things together. I would consider myself to be part of the second category but I thought I would share what I do to keep myself a float of disasters. I am not super particular about things, so  something general works for me. As long as I know where things go and I can point it to my kids and (hubby , of course) I am good.

I use baskets and bins a lot. I re-purpose a lot.:These are my main 2 tools in my organization.

My next 2 are the Rubbermaid (or whatever brand you like) organization drawers, and bookshelvess, of course. I was able to get 2 of them on sale, and blessed to have been given one. Yesterday, as we were in the States, I stopped at Walmart and got another one , this time one of the smaller ones (the blue one you can see in the picture above), that I have been wanting but thought to be to expensive here in Canada (like everything else - I do love Canada!)

Those are my secrets for school supplies, books and everything else that needs to have a place.

How about organization as far as planning goes? Now, that, I need to work on more. This is my second year of actual planning. I am learning along the way.

One thing I learned last year was that: It is not good to not know where things are ,or not be ready for those kiddos with  the work that need to be done in hand, or even knowing for sure the next  plan of action.

So, for this year I have decided that I will not be caught  unprepared in the morning (at least as much as can be helped - given my spontaneous personality and aversion to behind prepared).

So how will I do that? I made schedules. Each boy has a daily schedule detailing what comes next, at least all the required thing. I have a schedule detailing what happens when with which child.

My struggle this year is to actually go over the lessons before hand and figuring out what I need to have handy (if need be); that is a need this year because we are using TOG, which is a unit study type of curriculum and I am also using a teacher directed curriculum for our Bible time.

This morning was our back to school day, and I am happy it went mostly well, due to my "being prepared", no "ok let me check", "just a minute I need to get this", "Oh no! I did not print this", etc....

How I plan to keep it up? Every night I am going to have to go over what is to be done the next day and make sure everything is ready. Simple but not so easily done. I am going to have to ask the Lord to give me the grace for that. Here comes another reason why I need to be up earlier: I can always finish up putting things together in the morning before it's time to get school going.

Well here is a general rundown of how I organize our homeschool. Let me know what you think.


Marsha Patick said...

Oh, Joelle....I can sympathize! I have found myself on plenty of mornings not quite ready for their lessons. Before I know it, we're getting started much later than I wanted because they're waiting on me to finish my prep work! Ugh.... will we ever learn?

I have periods that I do really well to stay one step ahead. And other times, usually during an especially busy week or season where I just can't take time out of a night to prepare for tomorrow's lesson.

We're starting next week, so I bet I'll have some unenthused faces pictured on my blog too. Actually, everyone is excited except my oldest daughter, but I'm praying for her heart everyday!

Enjoy your week!

Meghan said...

Thanks for joining in Hip Homeschool Moms Hop! We're excited to have you join us and cannot wait to get to know you better!


Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

Thanks for linking up!
I am that HS Mom who is Google-ing "Jelly Fish Craft" or whatever we are doing at that time while the kids stand there waiting to be told what to do! Organization def includes being prepared ourselves! As you can tell, I need to do some MAJOR work before I can say I'm ready! :)
Tiffany @ HGF

joelle said...

That's ok. It take a while before getting in that mindset. Trust me. I think I am still not totally there yet. I am just on that path . . .

kelly @ In everything said...

I"m glad we have another week before we start into full-time schooling again (we've been reading, and doing math &history all summer) becuase I am lacking in the daily prep as well....

This year I am hoping to spend one night a week planning for the next school week and then organizing it into workboxes for my younger two and a "list" format for my oldest... that's the plan anyway, we'll see how far I get:)

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