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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maximize Your Morning Challenge: Week 2

First, let's recap week 1. I started this challenge on Thursday and was able to wake up before 7  the rest of the week, counting up to today. That was my goal so Hooray! Now I was also planning to get to bed before 11:30, well, that one was not as successful. Gotta try to do better this week, especially with school back in session this week.

The challenge for week 2 is to create a quiet time routine or schedule. here are the steps involved.

1. Select morning worship music: I discovered the christian praise and worship radio on my new mac so that is what I will be listening to.

Create or select a Bible study plan: Last year I I got myself a one Year Bible and I am making my way through it. However, I do skip some of the readings so that I can focus more on some of the passages.

3. Create or print a prayer calendar:
That I need to work on. I do have a printed calendar for special prayer items for the kids, and I did want to have designated days for designated things, but I have not actually made a calendar yet. I guess that is going to my project for this week.

4. Be quiet and listen
: My best listening and thinking time are in the shower or when I do the dishes.

Now it's your turn. Link up at So I married a Mennonite.


Heather said...

Joelle, thanks so much for stopping by & your encouragement! You're doing well too!! I look forward to continuing through this journey with you. Oh, at the end of the e-book we're working through Kat provides a calendar for different prayer daily for mothers & there is another available on her site for praying for our husbands! I'm lovin 'em both! So... I need to join you in specifics for a calendar while using Kat's from site too. But in the mean time I use my journal to write out prayers, praises, & others requests.
Have a blessed journey, HL

Mary said...

Yes, one day at a time is the way we have to do it! I've really got to kick it into gear this next week though. We're making that big jump to high school! Ahhh! Looks like you are doing great. I need to work out the specifics of my quiet time. Hopefully I'll have that ready by the time I get home on Sunday.

holly said...

good job getting up as planned!
my big "action" for this week is to download some music to create a "morning playlist". so far, i've just been enjoying the quiet :)

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start!

Jamie said...

I SO need to get back into an earlier-morning routine myself!

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