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Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

2 weeks of school down. Wow, I have to say our school days are going way smoother than last year. This is so encouraging.

This week went overall well. In case you do not know we only school from Tuesday to Friday.

On Monday we went to a friends' birthday party and the kids had a nice playdate.

Otherwise our school week was uneventful. We covered Bible, History, Geography, Math, English and Handwriting. I pulled some money manipulative to help us in our place value understanding. They liked that it was money.

There we are reviewing our geographical terms:

We got to finish our map of Egypt which turned out quite nicely.  We tried to make some pyramids, which I do not think came out as nice. But they got the idea, I think. I am really loving TOG. I love the way it allows the boys to reads scripture in context. I like the way it gets them thinking.

Zach is quite proud of himself.

There they are working on a Super Mind project together ( that's usually Joho's thing):

There we have an attempt at playing a game together which did not end up well because some kids have issues with not winning. but hey we had fun for a little while.

Here is what they did today:

Violin and piano lessons have been going well and I am so thankful to the Lord for that. It is hard on the parent as well, as we have to be disciplined to make sure they practice regularly.

This week I introduced a movement portion into our homeschool schedule. It happens  before we start school and it consists of us dancing while watching the Go Fish DVD. If you are not familiar with Go Fish you got to check it out. They have really nice catchy, mostly theologically sound songs for kids.

Also this week I have started to use an audiobible  CD that I have bought over the summer along with our curriculum. Knowing how Zach is such an auditory learner, I figured if he can recite chapters of classic books, I might as well have him listen to the Bible for him to memorize. He actually enjoys listening to it and am glad about that. I am using it myself as well.

Now here is a picture of what we often have in the morning:

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Carrie said...

School looks SO FUN at your house! Wonderful!

Dawn said...

What great schooling you are getting done. I love the movement time. It is great for kids to get their wiggles out.

BlossomB said...

You know, I've always wanted to make a dough model of a country or state but never have. I never even got to in public school when I was younger! I definitely think that is something I will have to make sure we do in our homeschooling :)
Your boys look so comfortable :) I agree with Carrie, it looks fun.
Have a great weekend!

Giggly Girls said...

The map came out fabulous! Great job!

We just discovered Go Fish. We used one of their VBS programs at our church this past week. The songs are in all of our heads now.

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