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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Homeschool Village: All about Dads

Today at the Homeschool Village we are sharing about dads: how is dad part of your homeschooling?

Homeschooling was a joint decision, so we are on the same page and he always backs me up and trusts me on curriculum and discipline decisions. That said, if he sees an issue or a problem that needs attention or that I personally have, you can be sure he will address it.

In our Homeschool dad is certainly an important person and element. He is a real stronghold, after God, of course. He is my adviser, encourager,  and my cheerer. He is always there to spur me on when I am discouraged and ready to give up. He always has words of wisdom when I do not know what to think of things. He is the one to whom I go when I do not understand concepts and philosophies. He is also the one that pushed me to work harder and better. He is always motivating me to be more disciplined and intentional in what I do.

I cannot begin to list all the things that dad does around here:

  • He is the spiritual leader (morning and evening devotion time, and source of answers to those rheological questions that come up.)

  • He is also the wallet, since he is the sole bread winner here.

  • He is the read-aloud assigned person. If you've read my blog you probably have seen pictures of him and the boys reading.

  • He does a lot of the housework in order to relieve me (ironing, laundry, grocery - which he picks up on his way home - and cooking -not all the time but often enough)

  • He is the driver. We always try to have lots of trips together.

  • He is the fun guy as well who will make sure his boys read and enjoy Calvin and Hobbes (this has actually started in the past few weeks) and who will play Wii and basketball with the boys as time permits.

In the future I am hoping for him to take over Science, since he majored in Chemistry and I am no science person, but we have to figure out how to fit it in the schedule.

Sometimes I wish that he was more involved that is listening and reading more about homeschooling, but we are different and process things differently. He is very busy as a pastor and the free time he gets is spent together, so I just have be happy and content with all the wonderful things he does do for our homeschool. This summer he did read The Well Trained Mind. I always bounce off on him what I read and hear so he says he gets it from me anyhow.

We love dad and could not do it without him. Thanks dad, and thank you Lord for such a godly, joyful man you so graciously gave us.


Nicole (Mama to 3 Blessings) said...

Hi! Great post! Coming to visit from The Homeschool Village. Didn't realize I wasn't following your blog - now I am! Thank you for posting my blog hop & It's cool to homeschool buttons on your blog! Enjoy the rest of your week!
Nicole < :)

Rebecca said...

You are very blessed to have such an amazing husband!! I will pray for the Science thing for you!! Love your blog...jumping over from the HSV and following you, now!

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now said...

It sounds like your husband is contributing in so many ways to your homeschool. And what great memories he’s creating with things like reading aloud and Calvin and Hobbs! As grown ups, my children really cherish memories of those sorts of times with their dad.

Visiting from Homeschool Village!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Oooo he helps wit housework?? That's a keeper! :) Thanks for linking up!

Sherry said...

What a blessing to hear how your husband is actively involved! Dd is currently doing chemistry, and I did horribly in it. Just found out the other day that my hubby didn't take it. Uh, oh! LOL! :)

How cool that he reads Calvin and Hobbes! :)

Myrtle said...

Your husband does so much for your family. I am amazed at how much support he is able to give you. I often wonder about certain subjects my husband is stronger in than me- like Math! I hope he will feel led to teach our son further down the road! Thanks for visiting my site. It is nice to finally meet another homeschooler, Christian, woman of ethnicity here on the www. Where in Toronto are you? I live just outside of Toronto to the east!

Edwena said...

I love when you said, " He is my adviser, encourager, and my cheerer." It's been such a blessing to read how so many men bless their families. Thanks for sharing.

christine said...

Your husband majored in chemistry? So did mine! AJ is a chemist! If we ever met, between chemistry and doctrine...we wouldn't be able to get those two apart!

I know this post is to be about "the dad" but I want to commend you for the godly wife you are to your husband. I know he is proud to be take care of you and the boys, physically and spiritully. I have met a lot of women who don't honor their husbands like you do.


joelle said...

Thank you Christine. You certainly have the gift of encouragement. I am really not that sure (in fact I know) I am not exactly that woman, but I am working on it, slowly but working on it; that's my calling.

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