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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's Friday and time for a wrap-up or should I say for 2 wrap-ups since I missed last week yet again. The weeks are definitely going too fast . . .

In the past 2 weeks we have been strolling along looking forward to a week off next week after 7 straight weeks of full gear schooling.

We've completed the 2 week-study of Ancient Greece in TOG and learned about the Minoans and Myceneans, as well as the story of the Trojan Horse.

We completed multiplying and dividing by 2's and 3's in Math. There is still lots of room for mastering the facts but the concepts are down.

We've worked on writing letters in our BJU English as well as learned about pronouns.

French and Latin have been on the back burner these past 2 weeks, but I planned to sneak in some reviews here and there.

In our Bible curriculum we focussed on orderliness.

In Science we started our RS4K on Physics and the kids are having a good time with it (so am I).I really like Real Science 4 Kids and hope to write a review on it sometimes.

We also took a trip to Chapters and picked a little science kit that came with a  little microscope, and Zach is really liking it. I have also picked up Yhatzee, a great game that involves throwing dice (which my 5 year old loves to do) and strategy as well, plus it has the added learning element of having to count and add.

We made it to the skating rink twice and the boys have enjoyed making some progress in their skating.

I would like to also share 2 great sites I came across recently:

First off is this resource site called Dr. Donn. They have every things you need to teach from printables to powerpoint presentations, to links to numbers of sites and they have these for every subjects, Math, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Science, Ancient and modern History and more and more. Make sure to browse through the site. I had discovered it a few months ago, but only recently found out all the stuff they really have.

The other site is from They have a comic builder section where you get to make up your own comic lego police strip. My boys are very much into police and have enjoyed spending time there. For me the greatest part was that my oldest who hates writing with a passion but absolutely loves telling stories, ended writing words on his own, and when he did not know the spelling asked. He did not even asked me to write it for him as he would normally do for any other activity that involved writing. So, if you have a reluctant writer who loves lego and police this is a place to visit.

On my part, I have been working on my curriculum line up for the next school year and I think I finally have it down:

Language art: Writing with Ease by Susan Wise Bauer as well as First Language Lessons, which I am planning to use with both boys, All Things Fun and Beautiful by Institute in Excellence for Writing, Michael Clay Thompson Grammar Island with the accompanying Practice Island, and Building Vocabulary which I am also planning to use with both boys.

Math: Keep with Singapore Math

Social Studies: TOG

Science: this is the subject I struggled to choose the most. I settled for continuing with Real Science 4 Kids and to add Apologia Young Explorers, starting with astronomy.

That's it for us. For more weekly wrap-up make sure to hop over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


christine said...

I have never heard of Dr. Donn. I am going to check it out...

melissa said...

You have been very busy. Enjoy your break, you deserve it.

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