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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The ABC of Homeschooling - D for . . .

ABCs of Homeschooling

Usually on Tuesday morning I often am not sure what letter I am going to pick for the homeschooling letter of that week.  This week is different. A few words have popped up in my mind since last week.

The main ones are Discipline, Diligence and Disciple, none of which I really wanted to write about because these are things that I struggle with and have been working on ( I suppose that's why they are so strongly on my mind).

I believe each one of these words are crucial for an effective, especially christian, homeschool experience, but boy, I find these words so hard  words to practice.

I am so convinced that our kids learn from us and the  most powerful tool a parent, and especially a homeschooling parent has, is his own example - thus Discipleling. We have to exemplify what we teach. The old adage says: "Actions speaks louder than words," and that says it all.

I am also convinced that in life one must learn to be disciplined, that is behave in a certain way that obeys the standards - God's standard, and in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to God. I am not talking about just the children but the parents too. It is our responsibility as parents to teach and instill into our children a love for that standard, and to that end we have to discipline our kids, that is teach them through consequences, the importance and a value of a disciplined life.

How do we get there?  With diligence. We need and they need to work at it with all their might and do their best. This is what pleases the Lord and He helps us as we seek to obey him with diligence.

Even though I could not but say something about these words anyway, I have to admit that my favorite word still is really Discovery.

I love that the boys can spend their time discovering new things, new concepts, and rediscovery older  things. I like to see the light in their eyes and their excitement when they learn and figure out something new, when something makes sense to them. I like to see them play and discover things on their own. This is one of the many blessings of homeschooling, for which I am thankful.


Robin said...

All great words and great reminders!

christine said...

Great post Joelle. I struggle with discipline myself. I get easily distracted...I have been praying for the Lord to help me with this...but I have been failing...please remember me in your prayers in this area. I will pray for you, my friend.

I have not forgotten about my e-mail to you. April was a long tiring month physically and emotionally. I will sit and write you next week.


Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog said...

I think discipline and discipling our kids are really tied together, dependent on one another. We have to be disciplined in our own everyday lives in order to properly disciple our kids. Your post reminds us of what we should keep at the forefront. Thanks for linking up!

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